Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Daily Exodus

Growing up as a guy, taking a crap in middle school/high school was always shameful for some reason. Like if someone heard you were going to take a dump, you would get made fun of. Flash forward 10-15 years to the working world. There are only two stalls on a floor of 100+ people. All the guys (I can't speak for the girls) seem to take a crap around the same time each day - 10AM and 1:30PM. I suppose it's because it's right after breakfast and right after lunch. I'm no exception. However, overcrowding is a weird experience. When we all make our exodus to the bathroom, it's awkward going inside the bathroom, see that both stalls are in use and have to go down a floor. It's awkward if there are people at the sink who see you walk in, react with disappointment when you see that the stalls are in use, and walk out of the bathroom. In their head you know they're thinking, "Yup, they need to take a crap." Same deal when you walk right back out of the bathroom to head to the elevator to explore other floors and see the same people who just saw you walk into the bathroom 10 seconds ago. They know you're taking a crap too. Lastly, it makes me want to kick in a door when you discover the same thing on multiple floors. Adding the inconvenience factor to the urgency of bowel movements and it is hard to stay in a state or grace.

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