Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wide Eyed Widening Heart

Let's be clear.  Being Chinese-American, I do not have wide eyes.  However, being Chinese American, it is engrained in me to try and anticipate others' needs which makes me sensitive to people and non-verbal communication.  For some reason, I make lots of observations on people and social situations and usually, I try to connect the dots - sometimes accurately, sometimes not.  On the not-so-rare occasion when I share my thought out loud, it is not uncommon for people to never have considered it or they weren't crazy enough to go so far as to intellectualize it or both.  Fortunately (unfortunately?), this same observational neurosis applies to myself as well.  Though I have normal-ish sized eyes, I live in the world with my eyes wide open, observing, judging, discerning, and learning.

Being a cradle Catholic with evangelical sensibilities, I love the Catholic Church and am amazed at the Holy Spirit's work in the Evangelical community.  I strive to grow deeper in my relationship with Jesus Christ and I am unafraid to question my own beliefs, assumptions, biases, and situations.  There are few things that I am afraid to talk about both serious and light-hearted and the hope is that this leads my heart to become wider so that I become the man God created me to be and that I learn to love as God loves.

Clear eyes.  Full hearts.  Can't lose.

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