Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Really Laying Down One's Life


This past weekend, I gave my testimony at a Chinese Catholic prayer group made up of mostly native Chinese speakers.  One of my talking points was how one way I experienced losing my life for the sake of the Gospel was choosing to live in the inner city with a group of friends during college and serve there.  It's usually a nice wow-factor story for suburban Chinese hearers. 

After my talk, an old priest came up to me and introduced himself. He was in his late 80's and was from Shanghai. Having just finished reading Church Militant about the communist persecution in Shanghai in the 1950's, I knew that this priest must have gone through that persecution and likely spent time in prison.

He thanked me for my sharing, but the whole time, all I could think of was that he must have really been thinking, "Aww cute...<pats my head>...you spent a couple months in the inner city laying down your life.  Try going to prison for your faith."