Monday, September 24, 2012

Dr. Laura


When I was growing up, my Dad would often listen to Dr. Laura on the radio whenever we would drive places.  I remember being struck by how forthright she would be with callers.

It's funny, the only actual content that I remember from the radio show was when a male caller called and asked for advice on whether or not he should wait until he was more financially stable to marry his girlfriend.  Dr. Laura asked him what he meant by "financially stable" and the man replied, "I was hoping to have a $100,000 bank before we got married."  I then remember Dr. Laura going off on homie about how that was actually a lot of money and that it would take a really long time to save that much given the man's current salary.  Like most callers, she ripped him a new one.

For some reason, that has stuck with me ever since and I was reminded it of it tonight when I was going over family finances and appreciating Dr. Laura's words (in this case).

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