Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Acting "normal"

IM conversation with a gay and atheist co-worker after I provided a simple script to make a task easier:

co-worker:   looks like evil satanic magic!

me:   nope, i'm a godly person remember? ;)
<my co-worker has seen me make the sign of the cross for years and is familiar with my youth ministry>

co-worker:   oh that's right.  i forgot because of the way you act and talk.
<feeling embarrassed because i was about to be called out for being a hypocrite>

<trying to keep things light-hearted>
me: that because i act like a heathen?

co-worker:   haha, no.  it's because you act "normal."

I think that's actually a compliment.  Is a "normal" witness perhaps a better witness than an antagonizing one?

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