Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm Going Lin-sane!

     "Man, all this love feels sooo goood."

More random musings on Jeremy Lin:
  • You know that Chinese mom typecast where they're all sitting around playing mahjong in their green Darth Vader visors bragging about their kids' accomplishments?  Jeremy's mom is now the de-facto queen of these sessions which incidentally for her probably happens around a potluck Bible Study with egg rolls and fried rice.     "Well, my son graduated from Harvard, is un-bee-ey star, and loves Jesus!"

    Fellow Asian moms squeal, "哇! 羨慕你!"

    Asian dad says:

  • Lots of superstars in the NBA are individual scorers that can carry a team, but don't always make their teammates better.  JLin is a floor general leading this team and making everyone around him better (I'm looking at you, Steve Ker-I mean Novak). Can you believe that? An Asian man in leadership. We need more of this badly.

  • I guess it makes sense, but cuts and bruises show up a lot more prominently on Asian people than black people.

  • Taiwan is a place where ABC's often feel cool since they are surrounded by FOBs (but they're not FOBs because you know, they're in their home country...) and historically, ABC's were treated that way.  In the last few years, it seems that perception has started to change for the worse.  However, Jeremy is bringing us back into prominence there as well.

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