Sunday, September 15, 2013

A missed opportunity?

"Hi, sorry, excuse me, my car ran out of gas.  Can you give me a ride over there to the gas station?"  The man breathlessly pointed towards the off-ramp of a busy expressway where he had flagged me down from the middle island at a red light.

As my wife continued to shush our frantically crying baby, I rolled down the window and quickly replied, "Sorry man, we're kind of in a hurry.  There's also a policeman right behind us," as the light turned green and I begin to pull away.  I was trying to get our family to Mass for which we were 10 minutes late and as a result, forgot to bring the pacifier to keep our son calm on the ride.

Immediately, my thoughts bounced from super orthodox priests who have called out congregants for arriving after the Gospel reading telling them that they arrived too late to fulfill their Sunday obligation to the priest and Levite passing the injured man by.  Did the fact that there was a policeman right behind me give me a free pass?  Or did I miss an opportunity to serve Jesus?

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