Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Neal Mohan

Entire article: http://www.businessinsider.com/neal-mohan-googles-100-million-man-2013-4#ixzz2PzXQv8Ep

The second reason Frankel hired Mohan was he found him to be a "rare" combination — an "insatiable technologist" who also had enough business savvy to interact with NetGravity's enterprise customers on a strategic level.

"When he worked with a customer, he didn't just help them solve their problems," Frankel said."He helped customers figure out how to better use our technology. That turned into a lot more business for NetGravity."

"In a typical meeting with Neal, he asks questions non-stop. He really wants to understand what you're discussing: some new segment, some new company, some customer problem. He wants to understand it — and he can really absorb and digest all the facts that he's getting hit with."

Many people believe the reason Mohan has done so well at Google is that he is able to talk to engineers about advertising and media in a way they understand.

"At a company like Google, one that really thrives on intellectual discourse, he was able to come into most senior rooms and describe the whole strategy that drove the acquisition and explain it incredibly coherently," one colleague says.

"Generally people are able to either go wide or go deep. He manages to do both, which I'm impressed with anytime I'm in the room with him at the most senior levels."

The other big reason for Mohan's success at Google has been that Wojcicki and senior management have given him lots of money to spend on acquisitions, and he has spent it very well.

  • "He's not a screamer or a big table-banger."
  • "You don't waste a lot of time in meetings with Neal, that's for sure."
  • "If I escalate something to him, I know that he will return a response."
  • "He gives you a lot of autonomy, but believes in defining big, specific, and strategic goals."
  • "Every three months, he makes sure there is not a lot of redundancy in his product line, which is critical because in ad tech, everything has to sync."
  • "He doesn't bullshit. If our numbers were going bad, I heard from him."
  • "I never had to talk to him unless I needed to. It was awesome."
  • "He is the quiet assassin. He's not a big show-boater." 
  • "He listens to his partners. He invests time in understanding what they need."

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