Thursday, October 4, 2012

Amazing Asian Hair and Father/Daughter Dates

I've been working on a new initiative for our church and so I decided to get some input from the leader of the finance council.  He also happens to be one of the most distinguished and well-respected men in the church and happens to be the owner of the most amazeballs hair I've ever seen on an older Chinese guy.  While they usually look like this:

He looks like this:     (I googled "amazing asian man hair" for that one)

But I digress.  I figured he would have some good insight to my project and I'm comfortable with him since our parents are friends and a couple of his kids went through my youth ministry program.

In keeping with his unexpectedly expected older Chinese guy style, he suggested meeting up at a hip local cafe in the downtown area for breakfast on a weekday.  I agreed knowing that it would be just my luck that my daughter would probably have a rough night before because sub-consciously she knew I would have to get up earlier than normal and make me earn my father of the year award.  She did.

When we met up, I asked him if he came to the cafe often.  He said, "Yeah, it's where my daughter and I come to have breakfast."

Knowing that he is a successful business man who travels a lot and whose youngest child is his only daughter, this passing comment really struck me.  Immediately, I could imagine him and his now college-aged daughter sneaking away to eat breakfast there on quiet Saturday mornings getting away from the type A older brothers who were probably sleeping in from the wholesome havok they caused the night before.  Still, that's not really something that immigrant Chinese fathers do.  But apparently, some of them do.

It made me think about the potential father/daughter dates that I will get to have with G in the future.  I can't wait.

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