Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Work/Life Balance


It's interesting how perspectives change.

Coming out of college and into the work-force, one principle that was impressed upon me was making sure to have a good work/life balance.  This meant avoiding blackberries (at the time) where work email could infiltrate my personal life and giving out my cell-phone number (since part of my job is supporting other employees).  Essentially, the goal was to leave work at work.

This was the expectation that I had set for myself and so whenever this boundary was crossed, I traded my inner-peace for an inner-anxiety that was alarmist in convincing me that I was falling down the slippery slope of losing myself.

Then I had a kid.

Now, instead of drawing a hard line of leaving work at work, I appreciate the flexibility of being able to do a bit of work at home so I can spend some extra moments with my family so I don't become the dad that is never home.

It's pretty cool how Sheryl Sandberg leaves Facebook everyday at 5:30PM.

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