Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On Jeremy Lin

Being a fellow Chinese-American who grew up in the Bay Area playing sports, I've always admired and enjoyed following Jeremy Lin and his rise to the NBA.  Really, that guy is totally living the dream that was crushed as soon as I realized I was a 5 foot tall insecure Chinese freshman who weighed about a buck (my six inch growth spurt came about two years too late).  In pointed jest, I've always been bummed that my unathletic parents weren't rabid fans or themselves successful athletes where I could've gotten a leg up purely by childhood osmosis.

After reading this article by ESPN on Jeremy Lin, the next time I went to visit my parents, I gave my Dad, who with my mom also follow Jeremy from the Chinese parent community perspective, a playful slap on the back and chastised him, "Why couldn't you have been super into basketball and taken me to the YMCA all the time to work on my game?  I could've been in the NBA!" 

Without missing a beat, he replied, "When you were growing up, I always took you to church especially while I ministered to the young people.  That's why you're a youth leader now."


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